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 We are now supplying a great new Service. Hundreds of Chanels, almost 12,000 series and films on demand AND 2 week catch up!


PACKAGE                                  PM          PA​

Diamond/Scandi                                €40.00   €450.00
Platinum.                                           €35.00    €380.00
Gold.                                                 €30.00    €330.00
Silver.                                                €25.00    €275.00
Bronze.                                             €20.00    €210.00
FHD (currently 82 chanels as feb 2020)  +€4
Eurobox Scandinavian.                     €25.00    €290.00
Eurobox Scandinavian + Silver.        €35.00    €410.00
Eurobox Scandinavian + Gold.         €40.00    €470.00
Eurobox Scandinavian + Platinum    €49.99    €565.00

Can be used on Linux boxes. We also support Andriod, Kodi and Mobile contact us for those prices.


Click here for Bronze package details (like UK Freeview)

Click here for Silver package details

Click here for Gold package details

Click here for Platinum package details

Click here for Scandinavian package details

Details for the new Diamon Scandi package will be here soon. It has all the above plus Russian, Polish and include all the international chanells and Scandinavian chanels




 Call or email to get set up now or have  48 hour FREE trial!


 Only need TV for part of the year? No Problem with GoTelly PAYG TV! 

ONLY for thirty days, and can be renewed, online within minutes when you want to resume the service using your credit card or PayPal, with instant activation and no expensive annual charges!

Pay to watch top quality Premium UK TV only when you want to!


Packages contents (channels and/or movies) are subject to change. GoTelly reserves right to add, remove, modify package contents due to improvements, availability and customer demand.

We deliver all your TV channels  using standard  broadband internet connections. Like all internet connections, we are at the mercy of your local provider. We do try our very best to deliver a 24 hour 7 days a week service, in the highest possible quality, but we cannot be responsible for the open internet or its connections.

Android TV

All you need is the Stalker TV app from the Google play store and your Gotelly user name and password and the URL is http://futureandroid.ru/

There is a Stalker lite version to test for free, we can give a 3 day demo

Andriod prices are..

Android-Silver = €20.00
Android-Gold = €25.00
Android-Platinum-R = €30.00
Android-Scandinavian = €30.00

​When you are happy download the full StalkerTV app, cost is about €10/11 as a one off payment and then you are good to go!

Click here for the Stalker Like to test

Click here for the full Stalker TV App

Connect-and-Go! – Never miss your TV!

Take your Android TV Box when you travel, connect to any TV, connect to the internet and your GoTelly Android TV let’s you watch your favourite TV shows, Sports, Movies and More from around the world and when you want it.