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Connect A Mag or set top box (STB)

This is just a quick guide to how to connect your Set Top Box (STB) and watch GoTelly channels from your TV.

How you receive GoTelly.com

Watch your TV not your computer! The set-top box comes with its own easy to use remote control, so changing channels is simple, just like watching your ordinary TV! 

Then you can enjoy the many advanced features that our Set-Top Box decoder offers such as the  "Seven Day Catchup" TV Feature, which allows you to view programs broadcast up to seven days previously on selected channels, electronic program guides and the option to Download "Catch-Up" TV and movies to your USB stick or USB disk drive.

Just add the ready programmed set top decoder box to your GoTelly account and enjoy our first-class channels direct to your TV, All this for only €199 + Shipping including all cables and adaptors.

We can deliver our Set-Top Boxes to anywhere in the World, and if you live in the European Union, VAT is included and so is Import Duty. Please ask us for a quotation to deliver your Set-top-Box right to your door!

Your Set Top Box Offers:

*Live TV Channels  *Movies on demand  *Personal recording  *Timeshift  *7 day catch-up facility on selected programs  *Program guide *Full USB support  *Media browser *Internet browser  *Handy remote control  * Friendly support

*And much more!.. All this for just €0.50 cents a day!

Watch GoTelly with your Set Top Box (STB)


MAG 250 STB.

Connecting your STB:

•Connect your Ethernet cable to your modem/router.

•Connect your Ethernet cable to your STB (can be also connected via WiFi but cable recommended for more stable quality).

•Connect your HDMI cable to your STB

•Connect your HDMI cable to your TV (via HDMI port, as pictured, this may be on the rear or side of your TV).

•Switch on your STB (Red button on remote) choose your channel (up, down, left, right arrows on remote – press OK) and watch.


 How To Connect Your STB.

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Can you believe - All this for just €0.50 cents a day!

Watch this ‘HOW To Connect to your TV’ video:

 Useful - 'How To’ pdf’s:

How To - Use the remote control

How To - Renew your subscription

How To - Connect the Set Top Box to your TV

How To - Setting up WiFi Connection with on STB 


Useful - How To Video

How To - Use Catch-up TV


Note: If you have a Set Top Box you can watch from your TV/laptop and TV/STB simultaneously (even when watching two different channels) as we allow two different connections under one account. You need to purchase a STB Mag package then you can watch the STB on one device and Web Browser or XBMC on another device.

Note: If you already have a MAG  STB and would prefer to set up your Set Top Box yourself, please request your flashing ‘How To’ information from us and we will send via email or through your account. If you live in a country that has a GoTelly agent, the agent will be more than happy to set this up for you (there may be a charge for this service).



We deliver all your TV channels  using standard  broadband internet connections. Like all internet connections, we are at the mercy of your local provider. We do try our very best to deliver a 24 hour 7 days a week service, in the highest possible quality, but we cannot be responsible for the open internet or its connections.